Now that 2018 is firmly in the history books, we can look back analytically to see where we ended up! There were many businesses for sale in the Tampa area this year, and we were grateful at Transworld to have a very healthy share of closings.  With every year that passes, Dave DeCamella gets better at what he does, building on his considerable wealth of experience and reinforcing his reputation as one of the best Tampa Business Brokers who can close. He invests all his time and energies into the work he does and he likes to see it flourish and keep his clients happy and satisfied. Each year, he increases the number of businesses sold, and he’s happy that he gets the opportunity to serve his clients and grow within this industry. Read more about his closings for 2018…

A  Support System for Clients

With almost a decade of  experience as a Tampa business broker, Dave DeCamella is able to adapt a philosophy of mutual respect, integrity and professionalism, Dave is without a doubt a highly qualified business broker. But the real joy of his job doesn’t just come from the transaction he gets to the closing table, though there is no question that is its own reward.  It is that he serves as a support system for all his clients.  That he is there, alongside his clients from the start to the finish, at each step along the way, that is of immense satisfaction for Dave. He works closely with  accountants, lawyers, banks and any other third parties involved to ensure the success of each and every sale. He values the relationships he build with his clients and he loves that he gets to be a part or aware of multiple different industries.

Dave DeCamella’s 2018 closings included a variety of industries ranging from food handling to health and wellness.

Closer to the end of the year, he closed a commercial real estate deal that included three industrial buildings in the Clearwater areas. “That was a pretty big deal and quite successful,” he says!

In addition to that, his other closings for the year included a bar, a British pub, a yoga studio, an ice cream shop, two different pizzerias, and a retail business, all of which are located in the Tampa fl region.

Businesses For Sale in 2018


It is easy to guess at an ice cream shop , some pizzerias, a British pub and  a bar have in common.They are all Direct-to-Consumer facing businesses in the Food and Beverage Sector.  A yoga studio and a retail business also speak to consumer oriented services, and more specifically leisure-related.

2018 was a good year for Retail; it was also a healthy enviroment for businesses for sale. CNBC announced that Retail had it’s best holiday season in six years

  • Retail sales in the U.S. from Nov. 1 through Christmas Eve were up 5.1 percent to more than $850 billion, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse.

  • That makes this the best holiday shopping season in six years, Mastercard said.

  • The surge in spending comes amid the latest fluctuations in the stock market, worries on Wall Street about a potentially slowing economy and a partial government shutdown.

Kiplinger feels sure that  “Consumer Confidence Returns” with GDP growth for 2018 at 2.9%.  “In 2019, sales should still show good growth of 4%, excluding gasoline and autos. E-commerce sales will continue rising aggressively for the 10th straight year — probably 15%. In-store sales will increase, though only at about a 2%-3% rate.”  And, after the DoomsDay predictions that Retail is Dead, a 2 – 3% growth is perfectly respectable.

It is always better for businesses for sale if the economy is doing well. The prospects are more rosey and the business itself is worth more. The goodwill and vendor relationship are always important; they are much easier to grow and nourish in good times than bad. We always advise our sellers to foster that goodwill as much as they can so that if and when the market turns, there is plenty of margin.