The United State government is working at speed to mitigate the massive economic impact on the country thanks to the Coronvavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. The CARES Act is the first of these initiatives to get money to those businesses who have falled on impossibly unpredicatble hard times. 

The video above summaries what my colleagues and I have discerned about the Act so far. 

The links and downloadable pdfs below include application forms and source documents, so that you can determine the ramifications, benefits and potential pitfalls for yourself.


I’m here to help. In any way I can. If you need me to value your business or help you with projections, send me an email or give me a call.  This is unprecedented.  We shall make it through, and at the other side there will be pent up demand and bank eager to hand out money.  It is a dark miserable tunnel for some, but there is light at the end.  There was for the “Spanish flu” pandemic of 1918.  There was an end to the polio epdemic that peaked in1952.  And there will be an end to this too.

The US Senate Committee on

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Downloadable PDF of Overview


Treasury Department Overview

Various Downloads Available